Monday, April 25, 2011

Behold A Pale Horse Video Reading & Police Peport.

William Cooper and Milton William Cooper - Behold ...
The Police Report: 

On Nov. 5, 2001 at 11:40 PM, Apache County Sheriff's deputies attempted to serve an arrest warrant on a known felon, William Cooper,(58 years of age) at his residence located at 96 North Clearview Circle in Eagar AZ . Cooper was considered armed and dangerous. during the execution o f this warrant, Cooper was fatally shot by deputies after he shot and struck a sheriff's deputy. 

Members of the Apache County Sheriff's Office deployed several deputies in the area adjacent to Cooper's home in an attempt to draw him from his residence to serve an arrest warrant. After leaving his residence in his vehicle, Cooper confronted plainclothes deputies a short distance away. As Cooper drove back to his residence, sheriff's deputies attempted to stop him using a fully marked patrol vehicle to block the roadway. Cooper refused to stop or comply with orders from deputies, Cooper exited his vehicle and ran towards the house, firing shots from a handgun towards deputies. Deputy Robert Martinez of the apache County Sheriff's Office was struck in the head by at least one round, deputies returned fire striking and fatally wounding Cooper. 
Deputy Martinez was transported by ground ambulance to the while Regional Medical Center, and then flown a Trauma Unit in Phoenix. Deputy Martinez was reported to be in critical condition. 

Deputy Martinez has served as law enforcement officer for four years and was serving as a tactical officer at the time of the shooting. His experience also includes patrol and criminal investigation., deputy Martinez is 40 years old and has served as a US Marine during operation desert storm and shield. deputy Martinez is married with three children. 

Cooper threatened to kill law enforcement personnel and make those threats known through the use of his web site, radio station and personal messages. Cooper has a history of harassing and threatening local residents with deadly force. Here recently was charged with aggravated assault and endangerment. Cooper was also wanted by the united states Marshall's office for unrelated felony charges. 
Follow in the shooting, the scene was secured by officers from the Eagar police department and Apache county sheriff's deputies. the Arizona department of public safety's special investigations unit is conducting an investigation into the shooting. DPS special operations were called to the scene to clear the residence of any potential hazards that may exist. End of police report. 

Judging from his book Behold a Pale Horse and his website in which he states that the FBI/CIA have been trying to get him for years! Why? 

If you get his book you will be left with your mouth open as you read among other things, the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, The secret Government, Anatomy of an Alliance, good bye America hello New World Order, and much more. 

It is not like he was a fiction writer all his life, he was a former Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member. 

Below is a sample of the things he has stated in his book, sixteen years of compiling went into this published in 1991-must read book! 

Now from page 224 

"ON UFO's: Another plan is in force it is the plan to prepare the public for eventual confrontation with an alien race. It could also intend to make you believe in an alien race that may not exist. The public is being bombarded with movies, radio, advertising, and TV programs depicting almost every aspect of the purported true nature of an alien presence. This includes the good and the bad. 

Look around and pay attention. Someone is planning to make their presence known and the government is preparing you for it. They do not want any panic. The unprecedented number of sightings worldwide indicates that public exposure is not far off. Never in history have their been so many incidents involving UFO's and never in history have their been so many official acknowledgments. " end quote. 

ON DRUGS: For many years the secret government has been importing drugs and selling them to the people mainly the poor, and minorities. 
Social welfare programs were put into place to create a dependent, non-working element in our society. The government then began to remove these programs to force people into a criminal class that did not exist in the '50s and '60s. 
The government encouraged the manufacture of and importation of military firearms for criminals to use. This is intended to force to a feeling of insecurity which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against fire arms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-Gun lobby. 

This plan is well under way and so far is working perfectly. (It is working I'd say.) The middle class is begging the government to do away with the second amended. " end quote. 

Let me remind you this was all written before the Columbine massacre. Which the gunman child was on Prozac, according to Cooper a mind control drug, and very dangerous to take, then goes on to site several other similar incidents of which the suspect was on Prozac. 

I myself have noticed how they are really pushing Prozac on TV! I think ABC got shares in it. In poorer neighborhoods I see billboards on buses, and train stops. Soon if you are not taking it you are the odd one. What the heck is going on! Are we being implanted with mind control substances that are in the drugs like Prozac, that can be controlled by a device outside our bodies? Do I have too much time on my hands?;) 

Next he warns of something else. 

"Due to the wave of crime sweeping the nation, the media will convince the American people that a state of anarchy exists within the major cities. They are now building their case nightly on the news and in newspapers. When public opinion has been won to this idea, they intended to state that a terrorist group armed with a nuclear weapons has entered the United States and that they plan to detonate this device in one of our cities. (This has been going on for I'd say the last few years.) This is now been set up by the crisis in the Middle East. The government will then suspend the Constitution and declare Marshall Law. 

This secret alien army of implanted humans, and all dissidents which translates into anyone they choose will be rounded up and placed in the 1 mi. square concentration camps which already exist. Are the people whom they intend to place in these concentration hands destined to make up the reported batch consignments of slave labor needed by the space colonies?" end quote. 

Wow far out , you never know? The story I wrote sounds very similar to his predictions, or intelligent guesses. My book starts out on a base on the dark side of the Moon. I guess they can use some slaves out there in the new frontier. 

He also had a radio show in which he spoke his mind. He was a true Patriot of Our Old Great America! 

Quote from Benjamin Franklin "Any people willing to surrender basic liberty for security, deserve neither." -- 

Original review: 
William Milton Cooper, former Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, reveals information that remains hidden from the public eye. This information has been kept Top-Secret government files since the 1940's. His audiences hear the truth unfold as he writes about the assassination of JFK, the war on drugs, the "Secret Government," Aids in Africa, and UFO's including his sighting on a ship with other mates witnessing a large ship rumbling out of the water. 

This book is the one that started adding fuel to the fire in my mind. Pieces of the puzzle were beginning to meld together. 

If you have not read this yet you will be shocked perhaps even amused. Nevertheless you will be left with your mouth open and maybe questioning your sanity because it will change your view of reality as you know it. 

Published in 1991. 
This book was suggested to me from my young cousin, a prison inmate at the time. This is what prisoners are reading, along with the power of the mind type of books, and mind control. 
I read this book two years ago, and since have seen maybe some of what he warned come true, and some not come true. 

What seems to be true is his warning of Prozac being a mind control drug being used by the government to control minds. He claimed a Hit when the columbine massacre took place and we learned about one of them being on Prozac or Ritalin or was it both. The paranoid thought here is that the FBI were behind it somehow, so as to get the gun control laws changed so they would be the only ones to have them. Eventually making it easy to take control if it ever becomes necessary, as in Martial Law. 

It seems to me that the only thing that ever happens when it comes to a D-day scenario is more books are sold! 

His prediction of the JASON Society trying to stem off the coming Ice Age by blowing up Jupiter with the 79.4 tons of plutonium from Galileo's payload hitting it, did not happen yet, and could not, (since the fuel will be already gone, right.) 

If it does blow up then "beware the double sun," a Nostradamus prediction could be on the money. People will think it is a sign according to their own teaching, and that is when the antichrist takes his place in the Vatican. According to Cooper it could be the Lord Maitreya whom is already groomed and was on the ship at Malta with George Bush, Gorbibachev, and ten regional heads of the New World Order back in the 1990. Page 80. 

People call him Jesus reincarnated. But actually he says that he was before Jesus and that Jesus was reincarnated from his spirit. Here is his website: 

There should have been an index for all of the information and sources given in this book. The fact that there is none, makes you wonder. 

It is a little hard getting through the economics part but I say it is a worthwhile read. Not something you read right through like a story, you check things he says with what you know and have proven to yourself. 

He is not very well liked and has had his life threatened. They also are using the Internet to harass him. His site has been shut down recently. The FBI does not like him and according to him was forced off a cliff by a black limo, and he ultimately lost a leg, when they left him for dead. They just wanted him to keep his big mouth shut. More recently, they are harassing him and his wife in AZ till this day. He also has a radio show. 

His gave me more information then anyone else up to that point. Questions are being answered, and I am listening. 

It took Cooper 16 years to gather the information for this book and, had to self publish to get the information out by mailing the manuscript out to about 200 people so it could not be stopped. 

Once out the FBI could not stop it from being read. And back then it hit the market hard. I vaguely remember Black Leaders speaking up about it, and being very angry even more so with the government after reading this book. President Clinton called him the most dangerous man in America in a memo according to Cooper's website. I think this is a very important book for the entire world to read. 

Warning, you will never think the same again...about anything. 

If you do read it, please understand that this was written by a man. A man with an opinion based on his own reality.